Kingmaker - A Grimlandian Escapade

The Magister Memoirs

Month the First

Day 0-We have journeyed from afar to seek the wealth of discovery. A new land awaits my budding cartographer expertise and sense of wonder. I do not believe that any of my past lives have been on this side of these mountains and I cannot wait to discover what I have not seen.

Day 1-We have met up with the previous expedition to combine resources and have learned that a city of goblinoids waits for us. Truly, a remarkable feat that they, against their natures, have created the beginnings of a civilization! I will gain their trust and learn what I can from them for it is the wise that learns from the lowest of the low.

Day 2-A foray into the wilderness for us, wherever the wind may take us, to scout the surrounding terrain for resources and perhaps, to meet peaceably with the natives!

Day 3&4-A hermit has made camp just outside our budding hamlet, an alchemist, no less! He wishes us to return the body of his brother to him for the murder of their mother and father. I shall endeavor to reunite brother, not in bloodshed, but in loveshed, for blood is thicker than… less thick blood!

Day 5&6- Our survey team (read: myself and the others) have discovered gold, and very close to our humble little town. Excellent news and an excellent start. There was a minor misunderstanding with some grigs, but I’m sure it won’t haunt us.

Day 7,8,&9- A long trek around a mountain in the hope of more resources. Still no goblinoids for me to impress with my intimate knowledge of their tongue. Apparently, my scaly companion takes exception to spiders with extreme prejudice. The local bandit camp seems to be run by a man named the Stag Lord. I’d say this bodes ill for peaceable relations with the locals. Perhaps a better method might be to pit one against the other? Before the game can be afoot, we must be able to meet all the players in it. Allies are a must.

Day 10&11- We have met the goblinoids and they have been found wanting. Wanting our gold that is. Sadly, they have given in to their baser natures and would not parley. My sprite came, saw, and conquered for whatever blood god she worships. I may have to call upon her again in the future. Also, it is to be noted that kobold physiology makes radishes a psychoactive substance. Perhaps, methinks a plan may be in the works. Possible allies in the Kobolds in the future, radishes may be the key.

Day 12,13,&14- We headed deep into the forest to find a possible food source. Berries as large as a human’s head (and hopefully twice as succulent). But the harvest is not for the feint of heart: thorns, and wicked ones, wait to prey on those who would take from their fruit.

Day 15,16,&17- Up on top the mountain high, we discover a mystery of mysteries! The body of unicorn, minus it’s uni-horn lies dead of unknown causes within a fetid swamp of a pool, yet no rot clings to its flesh. Something arcane is there, I can feel it, you-know-who feels it too… worrisome, but thoughts for another day.

Day 18&19- A bridge guarded by a ghast, grisly. He was slain by the Stag lord and vengeance he requests. I begin to have my doubts about a man hated by an evil undead spirit and a crazy hermit, but I put them aside for now. Davik seems like a nice enough revenant and for only 5 copper we can cross his bridge to a disgusting swamp!

Day 20- A nest of fae we find: fairy dragon and a grig. Truly a pair of star-crossed lovers with information to sell. With some milk and berries, we learn much from our new illusory allies about the land around. The swamp we thought on the other side of Davik’s Crossing turns out to be actually a natural hot spring. Perhaps there I will build my tower.

Day 21- We return home to find the foundation of our town finally laid. An Inn and housing awaits, a mine to be built, and holidays to celebrate! A good way to end the month and a good note to end these memoirs.



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