Cedric Nikolav

The Duke


Cedric is a a shining servant of Sarenrae. He stands 5’10’’ and weighs around 170 lbs. Cedric has sandy brown hair and blue eyes. He is always clean shaven but this is most likely because he can’t grow facial hair. Cedric is considered good looking by most other humans. He always wears all white with gold trim.


Cedric comes from a long line of Sarenrae worshipers. His father is a high ranking official in the church. Cedric was never respected by his father and siblings because he was lazy and aloof. Cedric’s heart is always in the right place even though his head isn’t. When Cedric was caught sleeping with a Fetchling Geisha his family was outraged. Cedric married the Geisha in an attempt to right things with his family but it turns out they were not mad at him sleeping with a woman out of wedlock but mad she was a creature of Shadow. Cedric was given the boot and sent to rule a new Kingdom where his family didn’t have to see him anymore.

Cedric Nikolav

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