Octothrope Winnig

Magister of the Twilight Temple


Also known as King of the Faeries, Oglethorple will forever be famous in Cobb Mountain’s history as casting the “highest value Summon Monster I spell ever.” After his summoned pixie successfully stunned 3 bugbear killers with a DC 11 color spray, she then executed a vicious 1-damage coup-de-gras on one of the stunned monsters forcing him to make another DC 11 Fort save. Of course the bugbear failed, spraying the diminuitive fairy with arterial blood as she winked back to her home plane screaming “Is there no one else?!”

*note: does not do knowledge: anything


Like many Samsarians, Magister Winnig remembers his past lives but he has spent the large portion of this incarnation trying to forget the previous one: Helena Blackthorne.

Helena Blackthorne was a witch most vile, a dabbler in necromancy and torture, she wanted to live forever, and not just in the memories of her descendants. Her experiments on the living and the undead bore fruit as she tried to tap directly into the energies that allow her race to rejuvenate upon death. Winnig does not remember what caused her to ultimately be slain, either the energies were too great and she did not survive her ritual, or she was slain by adventurers, but part of her still remains, waiting, literally, in the shadows.

Octothorpe’s shadow seems slightly off most of the time, either being shorter or longer than it should, facing the wrong way, being at the wrong angle, and, very occasionally, acting slightly differently than it’s creator. This is because it is a manifestation of Helena Blackthorne. He can hear her sometimes, especially in the dark, making offers and promises. She gives him powers that he wouldn’t normally have and he worries that he may one day come to rely on her too much.

Octothrope Winnig

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