Kingmaker - A Grimlandian Escapade

The Dukes Diary- Chapter 3
The Orcs from Orctopolis!

The group decides that it is time to explore the lake so it’s time to pack up and head out! Along the way someone asks about the purpose of the Observatory that was built. The Duke informs them of why an Observatory was constructed, “Our settlement worships the sun! But you cannot stare at the Sun for it’s power is too great and it will blind you. We can however watch the great enemy of the Sun, which is the MOON!!!!” The Duke says that the moon is up to no good and may begin its attack at any time so we need to be able to keep an eye on it. The moon has been defeated several times but, much like a phoenix, keep being reborn. The current moon is called Luminarius 5! It is also discovered that our holidays revolve around the moon not the sun.

The group discovers a riverbed and a old rickety bridge. No one is able to tell if the bridge can hold them so the Duke sends the vampire across first because he is the heaviest. After he safely makes it across the rest cross. Hadrian senses that something is tracking them and the group back peddles to discover some wolves. The Duke warns everyone that wolves are agents of the Moon and that some nights they can be heard howling their reports to their overlord. Although a warg attacks from the rear and Octothorpe bravely turns invisible, the party defeats the Moons minions. Although the party nears the lake they realize that to explore a lake they need boats so instead they go north to find lumber.

The party stumbles upon a large camp of Orcs. Hadrian sneaks up on them and reports that they are well organized and militant. The party approaches the camp waving white flags. An orc party meets them and Octothorpe overcomes the language barrier. The Orcs are mostly half orcs and they are all branded with a red X. Turns out they are descendants of slaves who fled their old kingdom. The Duke tells the Orcs that they are also outcasts which is mostly true. The Duke wants to know how the Orcs feel about the moon and Octothorpe lies to make things easier saying that the Orcs, “hate the moon!” The Orcs are on patrol to stop a hobgoblin army which is approaching our settlement! Everyone rushes back to prepare for to defend to settlement!

It is decided to ride out to the Bugbear’s fort and use it to defend against the hobgoblin army. Hadrian uses his magic to repair the damage he did last time to the fort. Octothorpe creates an illusionary wall over the damaged ones to make the fort seem stronger. The Hobgoblins arrive and the battle commences. The Hobgoblins outnumber the forces of good by a lot and they quickly overwhelm the fort. The Fire Dragons are overwhelmed and obliterated. The Chimeras and Manticores hold the line. The Orc force arrives and charges the Hobgoblins from the rear. After a daring counter charge from the Chimeras many of the Hobgoblins break and flee. The rest of the goblin forces are defeated and the day is saved!

Once again due to the excellent leadership of the Duke we put any unrest to rest. The land the Bugbear fort is on is claimed and we repair the fort to be our defensive base. We also expand the road that we are building. We also build a library. With our Enforcer out Hadrian and the Vampire help out to cover his job. Some people have gone missing and it seems they have been kidnapped. The fanged duo successfully stop the kidnappings but the person responsible flees and goes into hiding. The Kobolds ask to move into the settlement as their army was destroyed. The Duke looks to his advisers for advice and they all say no so the Duke says, “of course you can move in!” Hadrian shows them to their newest home which is in a corner of the district away from everything else. Negotiations with the Orc Surgeon General go well despite his ever changing name. They are open for trade as long as we can find and stop the Stag Lord.

After boats are crafted it is time to explore that lake! Goblins are seen all over the lake fishing so we go to a spot that no goblins are located. Turns out that the goblins stay away from there because their are damned Sea Cats. They claw and bite the shit out of the party, but the hero’s manage to run them off.

The Dukes Diary- Chapter 2
Battle for the Bugbears Base!

The Duke sits down with his General, Warden, Magister, and Birdman to discuss the threat of the Bugbears and how to deal with them. After a frontal assault is ruled out it is decided that perhaps the Kobolds near the radish fields may be useful allies. The party forms up and rolls out.

The Duke is told of a Kobold friend they made that told them of the Kobold’s home. The info pays off. Upon arrival a strange blue creature is seen in a cage out front of to Kobold’s cave. Octothorpe identifies it as a Mite, a tricky fae creature. The Kobolds are wooed by the Dukes words and they take the party to meet their chief. Chief Sunscale wears an elaborate feathered headdress that, although he doesn’t say anything, everyone knows Hadrian wants. Their is also some Shaman or adviser or something that is purple and named Turok. The Kobolds agree to help the citizens of Cobb Mt. if the party will return their sacred statue, which was stolen by some Mites. Turok asks that the statue be returned to him and not to the Chief.

Hadrian tracks down the Mites home with a tip off from the Kobolds. The party waits till night then lures out one of the creatures. Luckily Octothorpe speaks their language and the Duke tries to convince the Mites that the Bugbears are greater threats to the land then the Kobolds. The Duke also promises that the Mites can have the Bugbears secret underground base as their new home! The Mite accuses the Duke of lying about an underground base. The Duke says that there “is no information saying that the Bugbears do NOT have an underground base”, but the mites are having none of it and they flee. The party goes after the Mites and are ambushed by them and their insect minions. The first wave has some giant centipedes. Octothorpe is apparently allergic to them as one bite make him swell up to look like a blimp! He loses a lot of his dexterity from the reaction. The second wave of mites contains a bigger scarier bug! The party panics at first fearing that it is an Ankheg or even worse a water beetle, but it turns out that it is a tick which is just a insect Vampire. Our own Vampire takes it down and the mites are defeated! The Kobolds statue is reclaimed and some eggs of Mites and centipedes are found. The Duke wants to use them to raise a mite army but his companions talk him out of it. The Duke is fairly certain that Hadrian is a type of egg eating snake man and just wants dinner.

Seeing as how the Kobolds were concerned with the Mites, who were not that scary, the party doesn’t think that they will be much help against the Bugbears. The statue is returned in a big public display so all the Kobolds can get the statue at once and they hold a celebration in honor of the Duke and present a valuable Topaz! They join the cause and are named citizens and their military unit is called the “Lil Dragons.”

After an incredibly long debate on how the Bugbears fort will be assaulted a decision is rendered. The plan is to give the Gripli Enforcer some explosives and he will blow up sections of the fort on one side and the “Lil Dragons” and the Chimeras will attack there. Hadrian will use his mastery of wood magic to open up a doorway in the other side of the fort and the Manticores will attack there. The battle is short as the Kobolds prove to be incredibly effective and Hyall gets her revenge from the Chimeras previous failures. We rename the Kobolds to the Fire Dragons! They earned it. Most of the Bugbears are slain but a map shows that other goblinoid settlements still remain. After some bad cop worse cop routine by the Birdman and the Vampire the Bugbears spill the beans that they don’t like the settlers! One Bugbear is allowed to send a message to his brethren that peace talks are open if the Bugbears will allow it. It is highly unlikely that till will work though.

The threat of the Bugbears shakes the stability of the people and unrest is abound! A plain is claimed and a farm is immediately built. Construction of a major road has begun as well. Also and observatory is built for people to look at the sun!

The Dukes Diary - (as written by one of his aids because the Duke doesn't have the attention span to write a diary)
The Arrival

The Duke Cedric arrives in Cobb Mountain. Everyone there must be intimidated by his presence as no one introduces themselves to him. The Duke is glad to see his living quarters are built 10.3334′ × 10.3334′, slightly larger then all the other citizens 10′×10′ quarters. The Duke is immediately approached by an Oread Cleric of Nethys who is upset. Apparently a man named Gaius Visbrook has been appointed to be High Priest and the Oread thinks it should be himself. The Duke tells the rock man that he will look into it and he calls his Warden Hadrian over. Hadrian tells the Duke that Visbrook is an upstanding man and he comes highly recommended. The Duke then tell the Nethyian cleric that he cannot grant his request but he can make him Vice High Priest. When the Oread correctly informs the Duke that he just made that position up and it is not a real title the Duke tells him to, “Get the fuck out of here!” The Oread tells the Duke he will regret his decision.

Warden Hadrian is approached by the Gripli who has been appointed to Royal Enforcer. The Gripli explains he doesn’t want to be the Enforcer because he doesn’t like killing. Hadrian convinces the Gripli via some hypnotisms that he should try to stick it out. Hadrian takes the concerns to the Duke. The Duke asks his local Vampire General to make a war mask for the Enforcer. When informed that the settlement doesn’t have a smithy the Vampire improvises by cutting holes in a metal bucket and the Duke paints a scary face on it. The Duke then presents the “war mask” to the Gripli telling him, “See Mr. Bullywug! No one will know that it is you doing the killing if you are wearing a mask!” The Gripli tries to explain to the Duke that the mask will not fix the problem but the Duke has moved on to other things.

Magister Octothorpe is approached by some chick that is in love with the Duke. She ask the Magister to convince the Duke to give his wife the boot so she can get the Dukes junk. The Magister informs the woman that it would put him in a awkward situation because his wife is the twin sister of the Dukes wife. Some other interactions occur with the Vampire, some Ratfolk, and other citizens but the Duke is not paying attention.

The party forms up and they decide to go exploring. The Duke is excited that they are going to some hot springs. Since the Duke doesn’t listen to entire sentences he is saddened to find out that the hot springs are in a mosquito infested swamp. The first part of the swamp is inhabited by some giant Bullfrogs who are up to some bullshit so the Duke orders them executed.

The next part contains an abandoned temple that isn’t actually abandoned and is populated by an angry bear. The Duke excitedly tells the Warden that he can use the Glory of the Sun to enhance the Warden’s wild empathy powers to calm down the bear! They use their new combo which turns out to just be yelling and smacking stick together. This just makes the bear more angry. Fortunately the Vampire was expecting his comrades to fail and critically stabs the bear with his sword. Then the match-up that everyone has been debating for years happens. Who would win? An anaconda or a bear who has been critically impaled? Tango does the dance of death on the bear and the party continues deeper into the swamp.

In the deepest part of the swamp the party is ambushed by water beetle folk. The Warden is critically stabbed by a spear but since he didn’t try to min max his stats he survives. The Ratfolk who is an alchemist and a treasurer is critically stabbed too. He has a 20 in a stat that isn’t constitution so he dies. It turns out he looks like he was sick anyways and as a last act of revenge he transfers his disease to the beetle who stabbed him. Things look dark but that’s when Shadow Mages are at their best apparently because Octothorpe’s shadow starts to strangle a beetle. The Vampire goes on a beetle killing spree and the day is saved. The party gathers their fallen comrade and the 1000 gold worth of loot they find and return home.

The Duke orders a statue to be made of their fallen friend. The Duke also feels compelled to say some words about his companion, “I barely knew him. If fact I literally don’t know his name. But he was impaled so I didn’t have to be.” The group is even more saddened when they find out that their new adventuring companion is some dumb bird man with a stupid bow.

Due to the Kingdoms superior leadership they remain quite stable. They need a new Treasurer and Hadrian recommends a Lizard Wizards he knows. The Duke accepts because he loves to say “Lizard Wizard.” It pumps him up to say those 2 words. They rhyme. They are both nouns. Lizard Wizard! It also turns out that the Cleric of Nethys was right about the Duke regretting keeping Visbrook as High Priest. Visbrook has fled town after stealing all the temple’s money and a noblewoman’s virginity. Turns out he isn’t even a cleric. The Duke asks Warden Hadrian to track down the Oread Cleric and bring him back to be the High Priest. Everyone learns that the Warden is creepily good at tracking people down and he convinces the Cleric to return as the Duke promises him a statue of Nethys. Due to budgetary restraints the statue of the Treasurer and the statue of Nethys are combined to a statue of Nethys impaling the Ratfolk. The kingdom also claims some hills and farms are built. A Luxury item store is also built.

Some boars stroll into the kingdom. The Duke fears that they may form a gang and start peddling drugs so the party heads out to confront them. Operation Glorious Wild Empathy fails to convince the boars of the error of their ways and the Duke is gored for his troubles. The party manages to kill the boars and Bacon is declared the national food of the Kingdom.

The Magister Memoirs
Month the First

Day 0-We have journeyed from afar to seek the wealth of discovery. A new land awaits my budding cartographer expertise and sense of wonder. I do not believe that any of my past lives have been on this side of these mountains and I cannot wait to discover what I have not seen.

Day 1-We have met up with the previous expedition to combine resources and have learned that a city of goblinoids waits for us. Truly, a remarkable feat that they, against their natures, have created the beginnings of a civilization! I will gain their trust and learn what I can from them for it is the wise that learns from the lowest of the low.

Day 2-A foray into the wilderness for us, wherever the wind may take us, to scout the surrounding terrain for resources and perhaps, to meet peaceably with the natives!

Day 3&4-A hermit has made camp just outside our budding hamlet, an alchemist, no less! He wishes us to return the body of his brother to him for the murder of their mother and father. I shall endeavor to reunite brother, not in bloodshed, but in loveshed, for blood is thicker than… less thick blood!

Day 5&6- Our survey team (read: myself and the others) have discovered gold, and very close to our humble little town. Excellent news and an excellent start. There was a minor misunderstanding with some grigs, but I’m sure it won’t haunt us.

Day 7,8,&9- A long trek around a mountain in the hope of more resources. Still no goblinoids for me to impress with my intimate knowledge of their tongue. Apparently, my scaly companion takes exception to spiders with extreme prejudice. The local bandit camp seems to be run by a man named the Stag Lord. I’d say this bodes ill for peaceable relations with the locals. Perhaps a better method might be to pit one against the other? Before the game can be afoot, we must be able to meet all the players in it. Allies are a must.

Day 10&11- We have met the goblinoids and they have been found wanting. Wanting our gold that is. Sadly, they have given in to their baser natures and would not parley. My sprite came, saw, and conquered for whatever blood god she worships. I may have to call upon her again in the future. Also, it is to be noted that kobold physiology makes radishes a psychoactive substance. Perhaps, methinks a plan may be in the works. Possible allies in the Kobolds in the future, radishes may be the key.

Day 12,13,&14- We headed deep into the forest to find a possible food source. Berries as large as a human’s head (and hopefully twice as succulent). But the harvest is not for the feint of heart: thorns, and wicked ones, wait to prey on those who would take from their fruit.

Day 15,16,&17- Up on top the mountain high, we discover a mystery of mysteries! The body of unicorn, minus it’s uni-horn lies dead of unknown causes within a fetid swamp of a pool, yet no rot clings to its flesh. Something arcane is there, I can feel it, you-know-who feels it too… worrisome, but thoughts for another day.

Day 18&19- A bridge guarded by a ghast, grisly. He was slain by the Stag lord and vengeance he requests. I begin to have my doubts about a man hated by an evil undead spirit and a crazy hermit, but I put them aside for now. Davik seems like a nice enough revenant and for only 5 copper we can cross his bridge to a disgusting swamp!

Day 20- A nest of fae we find: fairy dragon and a grig. Truly a pair of star-crossed lovers with information to sell. With some milk and berries, we learn much from our new illusory allies about the land around. The swamp we thought on the other side of Davik’s Crossing turns out to be actually a natural hot spring. Perhaps there I will build my tower.

Day 21- We return home to find the foundation of our town finally laid. An Inn and housing awaits, a mine to be built, and holidays to celebrate! A good way to end the month and a good note to end these memoirs.

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