Kingmaker - A Grimlandian Escapade

The Dukes Diary- Chapter 2

Battle for the Bugbears Base!

The Duke sits down with his General, Warden, Magister, and Birdman to discuss the threat of the Bugbears and how to deal with them. After a frontal assault is ruled out it is decided that perhaps the Kobolds near the radish fields may be useful allies. The party forms up and rolls out.

The Duke is told of a Kobold friend they made that told them of the Kobold’s home. The info pays off. Upon arrival a strange blue creature is seen in a cage out front of to Kobold’s cave. Octothorpe identifies it as a Mite, a tricky fae creature. The Kobolds are wooed by the Dukes words and they take the party to meet their chief. Chief Sunscale wears an elaborate feathered headdress that, although he doesn’t say anything, everyone knows Hadrian wants. Their is also some Shaman or adviser or something that is purple and named Turok. The Kobolds agree to help the citizens of Cobb Mt. if the party will return their sacred statue, which was stolen by some Mites. Turok asks that the statue be returned to him and not to the Chief.

Hadrian tracks down the Mites home with a tip off from the Kobolds. The party waits till night then lures out one of the creatures. Luckily Octothorpe speaks their language and the Duke tries to convince the Mites that the Bugbears are greater threats to the land then the Kobolds. The Duke also promises that the Mites can have the Bugbears secret underground base as their new home! The Mite accuses the Duke of lying about an underground base. The Duke says that there “is no information saying that the Bugbears do NOT have an underground base”, but the mites are having none of it and they flee. The party goes after the Mites and are ambushed by them and their insect minions. The first wave has some giant centipedes. Octothorpe is apparently allergic to them as one bite make him swell up to look like a blimp! He loses a lot of his dexterity from the reaction. The second wave of mites contains a bigger scarier bug! The party panics at first fearing that it is an Ankheg or even worse a water beetle, but it turns out that it is a tick which is just a insect Vampire. Our own Vampire takes it down and the mites are defeated! The Kobolds statue is reclaimed and some eggs of Mites and centipedes are found. The Duke wants to use them to raise a mite army but his companions talk him out of it. The Duke is fairly certain that Hadrian is a type of egg eating snake man and just wants dinner.

Seeing as how the Kobolds were concerned with the Mites, who were not that scary, the party doesn’t think that they will be much help against the Bugbears. The statue is returned in a big public display so all the Kobolds can get the statue at once and they hold a celebration in honor of the Duke and present a valuable Topaz! They join the cause and are named citizens and their military unit is called the “Lil Dragons.”

After an incredibly long debate on how the Bugbears fort will be assaulted a decision is rendered. The plan is to give the Gripli Enforcer some explosives and he will blow up sections of the fort on one side and the “Lil Dragons” and the Chimeras will attack there. Hadrian will use his mastery of wood magic to open up a doorway in the other side of the fort and the Manticores will attack there. The battle is short as the Kobolds prove to be incredibly effective and Hyall gets her revenge from the Chimeras previous failures. We rename the Kobolds to the Fire Dragons! They earned it. Most of the Bugbears are slain but a map shows that other goblinoid settlements still remain. After some bad cop worse cop routine by the Birdman and the Vampire the Bugbears spill the beans that they don’t like the settlers! One Bugbear is allowed to send a message to his brethren that peace talks are open if the Bugbears will allow it. It is highly unlikely that till will work though.

The threat of the Bugbears shakes the stability of the people and unrest is abound! A plain is claimed and a farm is immediately built. Construction of a major road has begun as well. Also and observatory is built for people to look at the sun!



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