Kingmaker - A Grimlandian Escapade

The Dukes Diary- Chapter 3

The Orcs from Orctopolis!

The group decides that it is time to explore the lake so it’s time to pack up and head out! Along the way someone asks about the purpose of the Observatory that was built. The Duke informs them of why an Observatory was constructed, “Our settlement worships the sun! But you cannot stare at the Sun for it’s power is too great and it will blind you. We can however watch the great enemy of the Sun, which is the MOON!!!!” The Duke says that the moon is up to no good and may begin its attack at any time so we need to be able to keep an eye on it. The moon has been defeated several times but, much like a phoenix, keep being reborn. The current moon is called Luminarius 5! It is also discovered that our holidays revolve around the moon not the sun.

The group discovers a riverbed and a old rickety bridge. No one is able to tell if the bridge can hold them so the Duke sends the vampire across first because he is the heaviest. After he safely makes it across the rest cross. Hadrian senses that something is tracking them and the group back peddles to discover some wolves. The Duke warns everyone that wolves are agents of the Moon and that some nights they can be heard howling their reports to their overlord. Although a warg attacks from the rear and Octothorpe bravely turns invisible, the party defeats the Moons minions. Although the party nears the lake they realize that to explore a lake they need boats so instead they go north to find lumber.

The party stumbles upon a large camp of Orcs. Hadrian sneaks up on them and reports that they are well organized and militant. The party approaches the camp waving white flags. An orc party meets them and Octothorpe overcomes the language barrier. The Orcs are mostly half orcs and they are all branded with a red X. Turns out they are descendants of slaves who fled their old kingdom. The Duke tells the Orcs that they are also outcasts which is mostly true. The Duke wants to know how the Orcs feel about the moon and Octothorpe lies to make things easier saying that the Orcs, “hate the moon!” The Orcs are on patrol to stop a hobgoblin army which is approaching our settlement! Everyone rushes back to prepare for to defend to settlement!

It is decided to ride out to the Bugbear’s fort and use it to defend against the hobgoblin army. Hadrian uses his magic to repair the damage he did last time to the fort. Octothorpe creates an illusionary wall over the damaged ones to make the fort seem stronger. The Hobgoblins arrive and the battle commences. The Hobgoblins outnumber the forces of good by a lot and they quickly overwhelm the fort. The Fire Dragons are overwhelmed and obliterated. The Chimeras and Manticores hold the line. The Orc force arrives and charges the Hobgoblins from the rear. After a daring counter charge from the Chimeras many of the Hobgoblins break and flee. The rest of the goblin forces are defeated and the day is saved!

Once again due to the excellent leadership of the Duke we put any unrest to rest. The land the Bugbear fort is on is claimed and we repair the fort to be our defensive base. We also expand the road that we are building. We also build a library. With our Enforcer out Hadrian and the Vampire help out to cover his job. Some people have gone missing and it seems they have been kidnapped. The fanged duo successfully stop the kidnappings but the person responsible flees and goes into hiding. The Kobolds ask to move into the settlement as their army was destroyed. The Duke looks to his advisers for advice and they all say no so the Duke says, “of course you can move in!” Hadrian shows them to their newest home which is in a corner of the district away from everything else. Negotiations with the Orc Surgeon General go well despite his ever changing name. They are open for trade as long as we can find and stop the Stag Lord.

After boats are crafted it is time to explore that lake! Goblins are seen all over the lake fishing so we go to a spot that no goblins are located. Turns out that the goblins stay away from there because their are damned Sea Cats. They claw and bite the shit out of the party, but the hero’s manage to run them off.



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