Cobb Mountain

The town of Cobb Mountain is the first settlement of the Grimlandian caravan. It is a quiet hamlet that currently consists only of a few houses constructed hastily to ward off the chill of the highland evenings. A sense of camaraderie and community binds together the citizens of this township despite their diverse backgrounds, although much worried talk among the citizens involves the bugbear settlement to the east and what the town’s leadership is doing about it.


The Quarterhouse As Cobb Mountain’s first structure and business, the hopeful owners of this quaint inn serve mainly the small population of Cobb Mountain. With their prime location at the mouth of the mountain pass to Grimland, they hope to garner business from future trade routes with their comfortable beds, clean linens, and delicious radish stew (a local favorite.)

Goods by Gust An upscale general store managed by a dapper, older dwarf named Gust Gustaffson. Well-dressed and quick of wit, Gustaffson claims to be a retired adventurer who is selling his collection to fund his fresh start in a new land. Rather than the complimentary wine or champagne served at more conventional high-end merchants, Gustaffson offers potential clients a foaming mug of dark dwarven ale, seeming to enjoy the discomfited reactions from the human nobles who try it for the first time.

Cobb Mountain

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