The Cobb Mountain Hinterlands

The wild country surrounding Cobb Mountain is harsh and beautiful. The Cobb Mountain leadership is slowly carving civilization from it’s rugged hills.

Snapleg Mine Located to the east of Cobb Mountain, this mine is named after the curious backward-looping canyon that hides its entrance rather than for any unfortunate incidents that have occurred here. The foreman, a serious man named Branson Carafe, works the miners hard while they are on their shifts; however, on festival days he is seen drinking beside them at the Quarterhouse, laughing loudest and buying drinks for his workers.

Holbrook Farmstead The Holbrook family specializes in the shaggy-haired cattle that thrive on the grassy slopes of the hills east of Cobb Mountain. Their young and beautiful daughter, Kristen Holbrook, draws the attentions of many young men from town – much to her parents’ dismay.

Radical Radishes Named for their primary crop, this farm is the primary supplier of the hearty radishes that Cobb Mountain has grown famous for. Duke Nicovante has mandated that a certain percentage of each crop be set aside to entice the nearby kobold village into a peace treaty; if something were to happen to this stockpile, diplomatic relationships with the kobolds may decline quickly.

The Cobb Mountain Hinterlands

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